Monday, December 14, 2009

Wise Words

Often times in the photography service business people question the price and why it is considered, in their opinion, so high. I enjoy explaining this to those who ask but I discovered an interview with a Set Designer for world famous photographers - Raffy Tesoro - who managed to explain it in a way I could not. So if you have any questions on why photographers charge what they do, or painters, musicians, those who draw, and other artists here's a great explanation;

The experiences, the lessons, aesthetics, rules, etc… all go in and out in a flash but leave a mark on the idea. A good example of this is a story I heard about this big company that wanted to update their logo… so they hired a very talented big name graphics designer to do it. During the preliminary meeting, she was doodling on a napkin while they were talking about what they wanted the new logo to signify. So at the end of the meeting she showed them her napkin doodle and voila… there was their logo. They loved it. But they didn’t want to pay her so much since they thought… she just scribbled on a napkin! To which she said that this design didn’t come out of thin air. Sure it was made out of nothing really… but behind it, her experiences, her travels, her studies, etc. That cost her a lot of time, money and personal investment. That’s what they were paying for. Her Vision. And this is something that most people don’t realize about artists. We may create something out of nothing… but that nothing had to come out of something.

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